Some see things as they exist and say: Why? I dream of things, which have never existed and say: Why not?
Robert F. Kennedy




Phase 1 – Concept outline

Here, the initial processing of the client’s thoughts and ideas as a rough draft takes place, and a concluding assessment of the realization of the idea is given. Alternatives to the client’s ideas, if any are available, may be touched upon in the outline. The client is an active participant in the necessary meetings in connection with the working out of the concept outline and informs of the possibilities of the economical realization of the idea and specific wishes, if any, concerning profitability. After the client has assessed the outline and its conclusions, the client decides if additional supplements are needed or if a foundation for implementation of further planning, budgeting and rebuilding concerning the basis for the realization of the idea is present.
Phases: 1. 1st meeting – Visit the site
2. 2nd meeting – rough draft – concept outline
3. 3rd meeting – final draft of drawing and decision Important: Each change to the project outline after phase 1.3 (final decision concerning the project), which adds more than one hour of work to the outlining, description and/or other meetings will be invoiced as additional expenses to agreed time.

We divide all assignments into 4 phases. This enables you to choose to which extend you will take advantage of our expertise and service.

Phase 1 – Concept outline
Phase 2 – Planning and approval from authorities
Phase 3 - Budgeting
Phase 4 – New and Rebuilding  
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